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The 'princess industrial complex' is inescapable — is that bad for girls?

And Anna. Everything from Band-Aids, to bottled water, to training pants are plastered with their smiling faces.

Should we be rescuing our tiny humans from the pretty, pretty princesses? Maybe, maybe not.

And by the way, good luck taking a Cinderella costume away from a 3-year-old and her friends. There is some science to back up the critics.

In the past, Disney had focused on promoting its movies, rather than characters. And critics say the merchandise is Single housewives looking casual sex Springdale focused on appearance, with an abundance of beauty-themed products like makeup kits and dresses.

Hasbro toys based on the Disney film Frozen. They feminize. They take her bow and arrow.

Last year, Disney launched its "Dream Big, Princess" campaign to "inspire girls and kids around the world to realize their Augusta-NJ sex blog potential. So, what's a parent to do? Disney itself offers plenty of alternatives like Inside Out and Zootopia.

As a parent, you control the purse strings, so make sure your child has a variety of toys available. It's all about how you frame the discussion.

Avoid complaining about your weight or stressing about diets and your appearance in front of your children. Let your kids know that beauty isn't only about appearance.

Tell them they are beautiful because they shared a toy or did something kind.

Consult the American Academy of Pediatrics' advice on media use among children. Coyne says the princess culture can be a "magical part of childhood" if parents are smart about it.

Because it's Mom and Dad, not Belle or Elsa, who have the power to help their little girls live happily ever.